Monday, May 3, 2010


wow it' been 14 days since i last posted!!!! dang fail on my part :( so  just an update, today i bought a halogen light so i can start taking some night, out doors, actiony type pics.  Now since im a poor college student with bill and a limited budget i couldn't buy the light kit i wanted so i settled for one similar to this this.  Mine included another light and a stand  but i either couldn't find a pic or was too lazy to find one i can't remember which( it was probably the lazy part) I also bought a tripod( how did i live before!!!!) So tonight I'm gonna try all my new stuff out and possibly take some pics of my roommate and her friends playing volleyball later. I'll try to post pics tomorrow but since my portfolio for my digital photography class is due tomorrow it might not happen so ill leave you with some random pics. Also this weekend some of the fam went to Greensboro to see my brother's BFA concert ( idk what it's for like choreography or something i really should pay more attention to stuff like that). Since i didn't have an UNCG official camera i couldn't  take pictures of the actual show. of course the piece my brother choreographed entitled ga(ze) was the ish and completely dominated the show nothing could top it!!!!!!! I was very excited to see one of his friends Dereke dancing ! I've met his friend several times but this was the first time i actually got to see him dance i was most def impressed. believe the hype in this young man because he will be famous!!!!!  I  said all that to say i don't have any pics of the event and here are some random pics of my sisters through out the weekend. enjoy :)

Trini in Marcus's wig 

Kaya and her "25" dollars


trini in grandma's wig

she spent the whole day sunday doin cameron and papa's hair it was hilarious

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