Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Final Portfolio

So in my last post I was gonna test out my new lights and take some night photos but it started raining so i opted to just playing volleyball with my room mate Heather and some of her friends. Today I have my last digital photography class for the semester!!!!!! Now don't get me wrong i love the class... in therory, but there are three girls in there that apparently think we're still in high school. They spend the entire class gossipping, talking, and just being rude it makes the class kinda sort UNBEARABLE. Enough about them i wanted to share with you my final portfolio. Now my portfolio may be different from others, mine may not show my absolute best work but it does show the images that i had the most enjoyable time capturing so I hope you enjoy.  Most of these are from my weekly pictures, which i will start shareing in the very near future, but a few are from specific projects such as our designing and image, portrait, and  scavenger hunt project.

Portrait project

Scavenger project ( this was my repition)

 Just a weekly pic ( if im not mistaken this was in this post)

portrait project ( this is my mommy and youngest sister)

weekly picture ( this is a statute near my grandmother's grave)

Portrait Project ( Trini and Cameron)

Ms. Fanlo
weekly photo
weekly photo
( this was from my first week)


designing an image
literal movement

I hope you have a terrific tuesday thanks for stopping by ")

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