Wednesday, September 14, 2011

W Eugene Smith

Hi all today's post is about an Photographer ive fallen in love with this is going to be a serioursly short post as i have tons of work to complete for both and school and work so on to the post.

Powerful pics of W Eugene Smith range from WWI, midwives, and children. Smith suffered servere injuries while photographing in Japan during WWII. After returning Japan and a 2 year hiatus Smith began working proving once again his skills as a photographer. Many of Smith's pieces seem to force you to react and feel personally affected. The use of black and white allows viewers to focus completely on powerful subject matter rather than be distracted by color. Smith focused alot on stages of life( birth, childhood, adulthood, DEATH) in both humans and animals. Struggle and pain seems to also be a common theme. Smith covered haiti during the rule of "papa doc"in the 1950's. Smith Even focused on unsuspecting pedestrians passing by his window as well as some of his talented neighbors who happen to be "fine musicians, artist...". Many years after WWII ended smith returned to japan presenting japan from the point of view of a tourist.

Hope you have enjoyed the post feel free to ask any questions you may have. Until next time PEACE

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mobile blogger

I'm completely excited that blogger now has an official app! I know I'll be blogging a lot more now. I find it very difficult to find time to blog but I'll be a lot easier now that I can do it on the go