Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"The White Report"

I haven't taken many pictures lately but i feel as though i shouldn't abandon my blog or one faithful follower so I decided to start doing "reports" about artist both past and present that I find exciting. In this first installment of " The White Report" which i what i'll be calling this segment from this point forth I'll be telling you about the wonderful, creative, and semi attractive Minor White. For of those thinking it no i didn't name it the "The White Report" because his last name is white but because mine is, so yeah i still wasn't creative (darn!)  This will have tons of fact of course because if you know me you know I'm all about some random facts but this will be in a relaxed form and have personal opinions as well.  So here we go and of course feed back in more than welcomed

Minor White was an american photographer. White often photographed thing that some may consider mundane, example a barn door, not a barn just the door, or leaves, bark, or maybe the human form, but because of the lighting, location, and energy he put into it they came out awesome. Many critics, artist, and art lovers commonly refer to this as textual art.  White was born on July 9, 1908 (exactly 3 day after Robert Peary either set sail for or reached  the North pole i forgot which), in Minnesota.  After working in "military intelligence" ( which is code for * whisper with excitement*spy!!!!), during WW II, he studied and received degrees in botany, aesthetics, and art history.  White studied under and learned different methods from Alfred Stieglitz, whose career in photography spans more than 50 years! It is believed that White's work often reflected his spirituality with roots in Catholicism and Buddhism.  During his life he taught at the San Francisco Art Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology yes that's MI freakin T ( and people say the arts aren't important).I don't have much more time before i have to get back to my studies im goin to wrap it up and tell you that white passed in 1977 in Massachusetts. I think it's kinda cool that both the state he was born in and passed in start with a "M" and so does his name!!! *deep breath* OH SNAP!!!!! im easily entertained it's sad I know.  If you wanna learn more about Minor White just google him I'll leave some of his work below



Links included are sort of my way of saying I don't own these photographs or the rights to them and you should probably check them out because they include more of White's work as well as some artist who had a similar style as him.
Thanks for reading and I hope you had a fantastic hump day and and a great 4 day(?) weekend
yeah i ment to include both those ands! not really but i was too lazy to go back and erase them and felt it would be easier to just write a sentence explaining them

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