Thursday, May 27, 2010

Really though!

This week at work has been extra stressful and I completely understand that everyone is on edge but i believe there are some common courtesies that people forget during this time. The following list are things that should always be followed

  •  Don't be rude
  •  Don't talk down to me
  •  Don't belittle me * even if you don't see it that way*
  • Do NOT at any point  POP your lips, ROLL your eyes, or SUCK your teeth. These things will get      you feelings hurt.
  •  This one is the most important so please pay attention.  When you ask for help do NOT leave until the project or assignment is done. That's not helping that's me doing your work for you. Im all about being a team player because i know everyone is goin to need help at some time but taking advantage of someone is never cool.
  •  If you are in the wrong admit it. I know it's hard but you just gotta do it. im kinda used to it because i make quite a few mistakes but I try my best to not only own up to them but correct them.
  • If you need something ask for it do not take it.
  • Do NOT expect me to report to you daily unless you are my supervisor.
  • If it's your responsibility to know, document, or prepare then you need to do it. Don't try and pass the buck onto me. 

This is not how i orginally intended for this post to go I actually said all that to say that since I knew I had a stressful morning and didn't expect the afternoon to be any better I took some pictures during my lunch and here they are 

Im gonna go now because I have some school things to do and pictures to email that I should have done weeks ago but im a slacker :(
Hope everyone had a great thurday and your tomorrow is "fan-freaking tastic"

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