Friday, May 7, 2010

No followers + challenge

I have come to the decision that this summer I will challenge myself to find more interesting subject matters, as well as more purposeful shots so this blog won't be completely filled with pics of my sister.  It's not that i don't love my sister but she's my sister and I get tired of looking at her, so i can imagine you do as well. So I ms. white will commit to finding 1000 new and interesting subjects to photograph durning the summer ( may to august) and share then here. Also  it's been one month and 5 days since i have started my blog and still i have no followers :( it's OK though they will come.

PS: I learned to mat photos for my final portfolio so I'm thinking I'm pretty beast now! B-)

PSS: still waiting for my overall grade which i think will be about a C... :( i just don't like to turn in homework OK! don't judge me...

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