Monday, April 19, 2010

Self portrait

So tomorrow my portrait project for my digital photography class is due. Im super nervous not because i don't have 100 portraits ( which now that i think about it i should) but because i have to take a self protrait :(  Don't get me wrong i don't think im unattractive in fact i think im pretty i just feel uncomfortable and often times akward in front of a camera. If you look at most pictures of me i usually purposely make akward face, akward body postition, or even a gigantic unflattering smile.  Well i guess I'll either: get over it, take pics where I'm just kinda in them but not really, or not turn any in( this probably isn't goin to happen since i want a good grade).
What ever I decide I'll make sure i post the pics here (not 100 at one time but little by little). btw i took some great pics this weekend ill be sure to post those tonight :) I hope every one who reads this had a great weekend and a fabulous Monday :)

these are the pics i used for my self portrait

i think they turned out well  

Sunday, April 18, 2010


So i haven't really had the opportunity to take many picture becuase of work and a digital photography project i've been working on. I recently attended ECU's africa night hosted by their ASO.  my seats weren't that great so I didn't get really great pics

A complete accident but i think i love it

My friend Terrence perfoming a poem about child solider 

but before africa night i met my friend chris in the Library

he thinks he's a cutie

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My younger brother is in town on spring break so since yesterday was his last day we made it sorta a family day. The fam went to Baskin Robins then he and i went to my apartment complex to pool( i forgot to get pics of this part) while my mom went home to cook dinner. 

I used my food setting for this one idk if i like it 

A little smooch

this is really a pic ffrom dinner but because we all devoured our food i didn't get any pics of the food
Now for some pics my sister took :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

So last night...

was terrible and after a terrible day filled with rude stupid people it was only fitting. Things did get slightly better when aj seen here came over and brought a movie (friday the 13th VI which i love).  After the movie we just talked and listened to music, then i kinda fell asleep :( SN: I do think he wanted to do the hanky panky but I don't foresee it happening. When i woke up this morning he was still right there so thanks aj for making my night a little better. Since it's 7 almost 8 i haven't really taken any pics but i'll do another post tonight. (hopefully)

until next time :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today was not a super, terrific, awesome kinda day so i didn't take any pics but here are some from yesterday that i took for my digital photography class. warning this contains some adult images but ill try as keep it as pg 13 as possible.
 Aj my model. im including this pic two more time because i can't decide which one looks the best

high contrast in a cool colors and low saturation

high contrast, warm color, and low saturation 

black and white high contrast
(original in color)

btw this is my boss' son/ friend and was totally comfortable being nude I on the other hand was a little freaked out but i stayed calm like a starch nude dude in my bedroom was completely normal (it's not).  

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend

So this weekend was filled to the brim. I took pics for my boss' daughter's birthday party, went back home for easter, hung out with friends from high school, took lots of photos, got up @ 6 this morning to go to work and basically got no sleep the entire weekend.  Now im watching phillip defranco and cleaning my room so I can have a "photoshoot" here in my room tomorrow. 

My coworker (he's also my boss' frat brother)

with a little photoshopping


My sister who took over this little swing here

 the puppet lady who's facial expressions led a lot of the adults to think she had a side job.

the birthday girl and my sister playing with the bubbles

Monica a little too happy for some cake 

Teresa Lee ( she's running for the school board or board of education idk)

More Balloons

the birthday girl

two ladies singing in church
 my youngest sister

my sister and brother

this was inside a bounce house at a cook out (this kid moved into the shot last min but he was cute so i took some more of him)

cam and trini

my papa :)

the diva a have a pleasure of calling my sister (kaya)

this is my grandma ( if she had internet or knew how to operate a computer she would kill me for this)

my sisters

and again

thanks for looking. please comment tell me how i can improve

Friday, April 2, 2010

hospitals and siezures

quick pic while on a food run

 trini sleeping

moments before her second seizure of the day

right after i was so terrified

just some equipment

the long walk back to the car

my mama (she was so worried)

So all week my plans for today were to help my mom in the morning and be chillin next to the sunny cool pool by 1. Unfortunately my mother and i woke up to my sister yelling franticly. She was having a seizure! (my sister is only 3!!!) so of course we rushed her to the hospital, this was around 9, we didn't get home until around 5:30 or 6, but  she's fine and  resting. here are my pics