Monday, April 19, 2010

Self portrait

So tomorrow my portrait project for my digital photography class is due. Im super nervous not because i don't have 100 portraits ( which now that i think about it i should) but because i have to take a self protrait :(  Don't get me wrong i don't think im unattractive in fact i think im pretty i just feel uncomfortable and often times akward in front of a camera. If you look at most pictures of me i usually purposely make akward face, akward body postition, or even a gigantic unflattering smile.  Well i guess I'll either: get over it, take pics where I'm just kinda in them but not really, or not turn any in( this probably isn't goin to happen since i want a good grade).
What ever I decide I'll make sure i post the pics here (not 100 at one time but little by little). btw i took some great pics this weekend ill be sure to post those tonight :) I hope every one who reads this had a great weekend and a fabulous Monday :)

these are the pics i used for my self portrait

i think they turned out well  

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