Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend

So this weekend was filled to the brim. I took pics for my boss' daughter's birthday party, went back home for easter, hung out with friends from high school, took lots of photos, got up @ 6 this morning to go to work and basically got no sleep the entire weekend.  Now im watching phillip defranco and cleaning my room so I can have a "photoshoot" here in my room tomorrow. 

My coworker (he's also my boss' frat brother)

with a little photoshopping


My sister who took over this little swing here

 the puppet lady who's facial expressions led a lot of the adults to think she had a side job.

the birthday girl and my sister playing with the bubbles

Monica a little too happy for some cake 

Teresa Lee ( she's running for the school board or board of education idk)

More Balloons

the birthday girl

two ladies singing in church
 my youngest sister

my sister and brother

this was inside a bounce house at a cook out (this kid moved into the shot last min but he was cute so i took some more of him)

cam and trini

my papa :)

the diva a have a pleasure of calling my sister (kaya)

this is my grandma ( if she had internet or knew how to operate a computer she would kill me for this)

my sisters

and again

thanks for looking. please comment tell me how i can improve

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