Thursday, September 30, 2010

Neglectful me

Clearly I have negelcted this wonderful outlet! I'm sorry :(
 Now im refreshed and and ready to post.  If you read my last couple of post it talks about taking more purposeful images and a summer project... that didn't happen (OOPS)  This IS what happened: 
  1. SUPER annoying woman that I don't particularly care for came back to work. 
  2. Summer classes kicked my butt and it seems as though fall is goin to be a repeat.
  3. I learned the importance of time management
  4. Cut my hair... all of it.  Yes all of it
  5. Got a car.  Nothing special but I do love my Manny or Manuel for a more dramatic effect!
  6. That's pretty much it but I hate odd numers and short list so I has to do at least one more. 
Im not completely sure if my blog will continue in the same direction or if it will be more like a journal for me to openly express my opinions, share my make up looks or what only time will tell. 

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